Privacy Policy

Last update: 6th February 2024

On this page we describe what data we store when you use GitPigeon app or visit

What data we collect and why

We story only the necessary information, that is:

Information about your device

When you visit or use GitPigeon app, we may store the IP address you're connecting from in our logs. We also collect anonymous statistics during your visit on website.

When using GitPigeon app, we collect anonymous statistics about your device (OS version, model, language) to make informed decisions about product development. In the event of app crash, we collect anonymous information about the crash helping us fix bugs.

Information about your GitHub account

When you connect your GitHub account, we store the unique ID of your GitHub account and its access token necessary to show you repositories you will receive notifications from and to check whether you have access to them.

Information about your GitHub activity

When you receive notifications from GitPigeon, we only process your GitHub activity to deliver notification to you and your repository collaborators. We also strip any personal data from our logs.

How we store and secure your data

We use these third-party services to host our application and your data:

Removing your data

To delete your data, simply remove the app from your GitHub account/organization and we will delete your account from our database within a week.

Contact us

If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected]